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This wasn't where he wanted to be. Tears never used to leak down his face, until now. The faucet inside of him currently didn't want to stop. He could never feel them, but he knew they were there. He wanted to scream, he truly did... but somehow, whenever he tried, the tortured voice would get caught in his throat. Nothing but a squeak like a mouse hiding from a cat. Things weren't supposed to end this way.

She wasn't supposed to look like that. Her face was simply blank. Lifeless, some may say. He wanted to shake her awake, even tell her to get a hold of herself. She would never be able to listen. The poor man wanted to scream his tortured scream all over again. Didn't the woman want to live out her life? All she needed to do was get up. He knew it was a task never to be accomplished on his own.

She looked so pale, so empty. This wasn't the woman he once knew. He clearly remembered the way her smile glistened. Her cheeks used to hold such a glorious pink glow. Everything that she once was, faded. He would give anything to at least hear her chime-like laugh again. Why was once a cheerful soul suddenly so dead to the world?

He is now but a part of another life. No matter how often he attempts to scream her name, she can never hear. No matter who tries to guide her, she can never forget. So much has happened to make it impossible to forget.

Instead, in her lonely hours, she mourns.

So does he.
Yay for finding my older works. =3
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June 20, 2012
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